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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: Geocities and Yahoo links
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:32:49 -0000

Geocities.Yahoo.com are back on line now. If all links to a particular
server are off line is it a sure sign that there is a general fault that
will get corrected pretty quickly. Various browsers do give misleading
messages. Wait a couple of hours and try again and you usually get back on.
Only complain if a particular web site does not work and all the others do.
Even then, you may have tried to connect just as the webmaster is uploading
data, it is worth trying again in a few minutes in that instance.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
my homepage links to Longevity Report, Fractal Report, my singles club for
people in Cornwall, music, Inventors' report, an autobio and various other
projects:       http://geocities.yahoo.com/longevityrpt

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