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From: Eugene Leitl <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:55:33 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 'Smart' phone can place any number


'Smart' phone can place any number

By Mark Ward

MOBILE telephones that can identify their precise location are being
developed by the Swedish firm Ericsson.

One of the services is called iPulse and tells users the location of
all the mobile phone users listed in their address book, showing the
country, city or district. The development also promises to turn
mobile telephones into tiny tourist guides.

Once a telephone has pinpointed its location it can find, from stored
memory, good bars, restaurants and hotels for holidaymakers who are
keen to explore their unfamiliar surroundings.  Eventually the service
will be able to pinpoint where people are down to 100 yards. Fredrik
Fornstad, an Ericsson spokesman, said: "It will know where you were
and where you are."

However, the company says that it will offer customers the option of
blocking their own telephones when it introduces the technology.
Ericsson hopes to develop a range of new services. It is working with
the credit card company Visa on a method of sending money via the
telephone to pay household bills. Share dealing and lottery ticket
buying services are due to follow soon.

The telephone company is also working with the Ginger Media Group on
ways to broadcast radio across the mobile telephone network.

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