X-Message-Number: 13157
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:51:22 EST
Subject: Re: Rare Earth

  Of course, if life were common, then advanced beings like Vogons would 
easily evolve, create van Neuman machines that would kill everything else off 
by overprodcuing Vogon poetry, and life would be rare again. But... every 
real civilization will create trillions of simulations within its computers, 
so simulated life will be abundant.
  I wonder how many levels down in the simulation we are?
  BTW, I'm starting a research project on Physarum plasmodium telomeres this 
semester. Can anyone suggest some good sources on slime molds (my references 
can't even agree on how many chromosomes Physarum has?) -Bill Walker

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