X-Message-Number: 13158
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:36:53 EST
Subject: re:  DHEA

If you're under 40, forget taking DHEA (you can always take a DHEA-S check 
during your annual blood chemistry checkup).  You have enough in your body.  
For those over 40 or 50, taking about 15cc (by drops) sublingually (under 
your tongue) once or twice a day is an excellent, non-invasive way of helping 
your body replenish this master hormone, and to help maintain your health.

And, regarding the 'fear' of prostate cancer.  Any risk occurs usually when 
ingesting 75cc or more per day.  I see no reason why anyone would want to 
supplement that high.  Finally, if you are genetically susceptible to 
prostate CA, or you plan on taking 15cc, it still doesn't hurt to add a PSA 
evaln. to your annual blood panel!  

Dr. Ed Reifman /S.A. - foresight institute

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