X-Message-Number: 13162
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: promoting cryonics
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 17:05:49 PST

I enjoyed very much reading the ideas Daniel Ust has to promote cryonics.  I 
do know there was a table set up by Alcor to do promotion at a major 
science-fiction Con several years ago but interest was not overwhelming.

I think the idea of promoting cryonics on college campuses is a great one.  
Has it been tried?  College students are at a stage in their development 
where they might be more open to cryonics then any other age group.  Taking 
cryonics "on the road" by giving lectures at campuses nation-wide could be a 
great method of reaching others for successful promotion.  It could "plant 
seeds" that bear fruit if not right away then years down the road.  I 
realize many people already have heard of cryonics but only a very few go 
all the way to sign up but again, the college demographic is the one we 
should be reaching out to for longterm growth.


John Grigg
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