X-Message-Number: 13163
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 01:15:49 +0100
From: Cryonics <>
Subject: Comparing

Without digging, this is what I remember after having been a bit off topic
for some time.
Comparing is still hard and I may have been stupid not to sign up yet,
perhaps due to the fact I can afford Alcor as not everyone can, so its hard
to compare in numbers who seems to be the best when some probably only can
afford CI to start with.
I even thought of signing up with both as its claimed some have done, but
its still unclear what it will do when the time comes for a suspension.

CI seem to have a better pick-up system for us living far away, Alcor
perhaps for those living close to them.
CI owns its premises, Alcor leases.
Alcor have several employed as a cost and someone is always there, CI one
and an alarmsystem.
I can only remember having seen a suspension-protocol from Alcor, none from

To get folks started, I link to CI in my homepage since only they have links
to all the others, and the only comparisonpage (last time I looked), not a
scary price and no headchopping neurostuff as disgust a lot of folks I've
If Alcor is a little better for the money then go for it, the only danger I
can see in the future so far is global warming so Arizona may have to be
evacuated, but it will take time with an increase of 1-2 C in a hundred

Isnt there any other outside comparison from someone without ties?
It cant hurt much since a lot cant afford Alcor but CI, and some may found
Alcors services within a better affordable budget.

Damn it, I have all the paperwork here but cant get it done to neither, a
ladyfriend is after me to get it done.

Trying not to step on any toes, and to be neutral/

Thomas Nord


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