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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:42:33 -0000

With regards to financial considerations, the problem is if you have a wife
and family you may wish to cryopreserve, or indeed could have one in the

People close to you could become infected with your enthusiasm for
cryopreservation, yet if you can only afford to cryopreserve yourself and
not help anyone else you will feel bad if a significant other is annihilated
and you do not help.

Also, suppose those around you get jealous because you are going and they
are not? It seems unlikely at the moment, when even if cryonics were free
most people would still reject it. But it would only take one or two people
in your immediate circle to get jealous and if you perished wonder "why the
b** hell you should have had it when they can't afford it" and be
uncooperative or at worst obstructive. People can get cantankerous and
objectionable at the end of their lives - look at the rising divorce rate in
the over 70s, for example. You may not be a loveable person when you die.

There is no point (except revenge and encouraging others not to interfere
with cryopreservations) in relying on "the law" and lawyers to enforce
contracts. Cryonics has to be performed immediately - a body frozen solid in
a funeral parlour for ten years of legal wrangling may as well be chucked
out in the dry permafrost near Mr Erebus, Antarctica, as be perfused and

I see the main value in an Alcor suspension is that if you live near one of
their facilities  you will get cryopreserved quickly. It  is speculation as
to whether this will make any difference to the probability of reanimation.
Strongly held views exist on both sides and it is up to the individual to
chose. Unless you are willing to move your life to such a situation, then
the extra expense (in my opinion) is not worth the difference. Maybe I need
correcting on this, but I think that Alcor require cryopreservation members
to take an active role in the running of their establishments, especially
overseas ones, both personally and financially.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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