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From: "Brett" <>
Subject: How would nanorepair be synchronised?
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 00:30:13 +1100

Hi folks, Brett Paatsch. I usually lurk rather than submit but I wonder if
someone could straighten me out on something. 

Seems many of us are hoping that nanotech will be the technology that
repairs both the original condition that "kills" us as well as the more
serious damage
of the preservation process itself. As I understand it the conventional
scenario is that 
billions of freshly replicated nanobots coordinated by nanocomputers will
then commence
the task of repairing the damage to the corpus at the cellular (and perhaps
significantly at the level of memory). To reanimate a particular
personality won't it be necessary
to not just repair the neuronal and memory damage but to do it in all (or
at least a great many
areas of the brain and memory) SIMULTANEOUSLY?  

At some point reanimation of the SAME person muct be achieved for success.
And doesn't 
the repair/recreation of this person finally occur at a particular instant
when their memories
are restored? How is it envisaged that the multitude of freeze induced
fatal flaws be resolved and the SAME whole person (synchronised neurons and
memories) restored simultaneously? What technology
coordinates this? How do we avoid reanimating amnesiacs or "alternate"

Apologies if I am coming in a little low here. I realise I've repeated the
same question. 

Enjoy reading the list.

Brett Paatsch

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