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From: Daniel Ust <>
Subject: Re: #13164 success of promotional activities
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 09:55:35 -0500 

On Mon, 31 Jan 100 11:30:40 +1100 (EST) Thomas Donaldson
>One major reason Alcor members havent engaged in lots of promotion is very
>Many organizations exist solely to promote a set of ideas; political
>including Objectivists, and doing just that.  The purpose of cryonics
>is to get their members suspended when that becomes necessary. And doing
>requires lots of energy which in other organizations goes to get people to

This is true, though, of course, the success of getting people suspended
depends on keeping a certain level of funding and recruitment going, no?
Even if the latter is only by word or mouth, the various budgets are not
fully sated, are they?

Perhaps what could happen is this.  The broad spectrum promotional
activities (e.g., informing the populace about cryonics) could be separated
from the narrow spectrum ones (e.g., getting people to buy cryonics
services).  With the former, there's no need for each cryonics organization
to have its broad spectrum public relations campaign.  Instead, all such
organizations could pool efforts.

>As Ive said before, there is another problem, too: most attempts at
promoting cryonics
>(either in general or for a specific organization) simply HAVE NOT WORKED.
>Perhaps some new method could work, perhaps not, but after continuing for
>years now, the existence of some other method than personal contact does
>look to seasoned cryonics as a likely possibility.

I'd like to see actual numbers here and see what was tried.  I take it from
being on this list, that many methods were suggested, few tried, and even
fewer tried with any persistence.  Also, sometimes something that does not
work one time with one audience will work at another with another audience.
Granted, there is not a huge budget here to hire a Madison Avenue firm to
sell cryonics high and low.  But some promotional activities can be very

On this note, has anyone done demographics on current cryonics clients?

Daniel Ust

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