X-Message-Number: 13179
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 21:26:50 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Need for Synchronizing Nanorepair?

Brett Paatsch, #13168, writes:

> ... To reanimate a particular
>personality won't it be necessary
>to not just repair the neuronal and memory damage but to do it in all (or
>at least a great many
>areas of the brain and memory) SIMULTANEOUSLY?  

Why? As I see it, you could put all the important structures in place at low
temperature, where the relevant molecules are locked down and won't go
anywhere. You wouldn't have to worry about doing repairs simultaneously,
except that doing them *concurrently*, in massively parallel fashion, would
save a lot of time. When the person is restored but still very cold, you
then consider warming them up and starting up their life processes. At first
they should be in a state of general anesthesia or total unconsciousness.
Then, when fully warm and their body is functioning normally, they wake
up--like waking up from normal sleep. One possible scenario anyway, one I
find easy to relate to. The way it's really done may be quite different of
course, but I doubt if any delicate juggling act will be needed while basic
"repairs" are being done. It is conceivable that these "repairs" too will be
in software not hard- or wetware, and we'll wake up uploaded, to consider
another scenario. But again, no "gestalt" personality  must be put in place
at once, fully formed and complete.

Mike Perry 

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