X-Message-Number: 13180
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 20:37:52 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Warning worm virus got auto sent to those on my address list


I apologize profusely. When I saw the innocent looking invitation to open the
program with my brothers full name and since it had a South Park icon, which he

enjoys, I was sure it was legitimately sent to me. He did not mean to send it to
me either. It apparently goes for ones email address list and sends
automatically to those on it. If you recieved Pretty Park.EXE in an email
allegedy from me it is not true and it is a worm virus according to Norton

Antivirus. DO NOT OPEN IT! Norton found the file DC74.EXE in relation to this. I

believe this is only if you have opened it. Some problems I discovered were some
key DLL's were missing from my dialer to my isp. Also my network card won't
recognize but it troubles me anyways. Another friend noticed windows within
Win95/98 not being proper size. Again please forgive me I did n ot intend for
this to happen.

James Swayze
"Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas"
			    NOSTRADAMUS 15TH Century

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