X-Message-Number: 13181
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 22:21:57 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: How to kill PrettyPark worm

This is Norton Antivirus' site regarding this pesky worm. If you received this

(PRETTYPARK.EXE) and opened it you must go here to learn what it does and how to
kill it. It involves modifying a line in the system registry and deleting the

file FILES32.VXD from the S:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Windows sees this file as

a system file and won't let you delete it. To do so you must press F8 as windows
begins to start. The choices to start in safe mode or command prompt and others
will appear. Pick go to command prompt only. At the old DOS C:\ prompt type
CD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and press return. Type, dir FILES32.VXD, press enter. If you
see "one file found" and FILES32.VXD listed you're in the right place. Type DEL
FILES32.VXD. To see that it's really gone type, DIR FILES32.VXD again. I
shouldn't be there anymore. Now reboot.


"Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas"
			    NOSTRADAMUS 15TH Century

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