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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Steve Bridge explains how things are...
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 01:45:21 PST

I want to thank Steve Bridge for sharing with us his really wonderful and 
incisive essay on the history of this topic and what can be realistically 
done to promote cryonics.  Even within the constraints of small budgets I 
find it is amazing how much can be done.  With the mass media hungrily 
looking for new content I can see how a huge advertising budget is not 
really as all-important as one might think.

I really enjoyed the account of the science fiction Con.  I have always 
wanted to attend one and it now I REALLY want to!  We have little Star Trek 
conventions occasionally in Anchorage, Alaska but nothing like what you 
describe.  I can see why you had so much fun!  I am glad to hear that 
scientists and engineers respect cryonics leaders.

And as you so clearly stated, cryonics is not a sure thing and on top of 
that a person must really re-examine things before they decide to commit.  
Not the same as selling cars or vacations!

I liked how you explained what the rank and file can do to promote cryonics 
in their own backyards.  I think that cryonics will catch on significantly 
when the baby boomers begin to really face their mortality in another decade 
or so but I could be wrong.


John Grigg

P.S.  Gary, Mike Darwin can sure bring a cryonicist back to earth, can't 
he??  I'm thirty-two and hope over the next three to four decades cryonics 
research gets to where it should within that time.
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