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From: "Marty Kardon" <>
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Subject: Platt's latest epistle and, again, the cost issue
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 08:36:39 -0500

    It's always interesting and thought provoking to read Charles Platt's
postings here and elsewhere and his perspective on the Leary fiasco is one
I'd never heard before.

    Regarding his comments -

" When and if reversible
cryopreservation can be DEMONSTRATED, it will be a very different
situation. But at that time you will see properly capitalized startups
coming into the field, blowing away the little groups that were nurtured
with so much effort and heartache by enthusiasts, for all these years. The
best we can hope for is that, before we are driven out of business, we
will be able to transfer our patients to the new, large organizations,
using the money that has been set aside as patient care funds.

At that time, organizations which set aside minimal funding will find
themselves in a more precarious position than organizations that insisted
on more conservative financial arrangements."

    It is of course unsettling to imagine being cryopreserved and then
discarded due to underfunding or disinterest if mega-corps take over.
Unfortunately for a family of six which does not have a software mandarin in
the mix the Alcor 150K is just simply out of reach.  I am still undecided
about this issue of socking away personal funds for use upon or for

    I suppose I am trusting that I can depend upon later generations in my
line to put it together if necessesary to bring us all back i.e.
great-grandkids want to help their parents who want to help their parents,
and so on.  Of course that implies a geometric increase in cryo-preserved
Kardons which may or may not happen.

    I am making arrangements thru CI since the cost is significantly more
manageable.  Obviously in "life and death" situations cost should take a
back seat. In this reality, however, cryonics is still somewhat of a long
shot which, though willing to take, I can't justify allocating $900K either
upfront or via insurance given my circumstances.  If I diminish somewhat the
chances of ultimate success so it goes...

Marty Kardon

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