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Subject: Re: Financial Statements
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 12:14:29 -0000

> While I have every confidence in
> the
> honesty of Alcor or CI's directors, I for one would feel better if these
> organisations were willing to submit to a regular audit.

The cost is very high and the value received from such an audit is zero in
any physical sense (ie it is not doing research, making investments, or
buying essentials such as liquid nitrogen) .

I would suspect that all the cryonics organisations invest some of their
funds in technology. Even if they don't feel about it as strongly as I do,
the benefits are inescapable.

Let us suppose that such an audit would cost $10k, and they had one such
audit in 2000.
Let us suppose that technology advances have made the first reanimations
possible by 2060. (optimistic, but within some speculations I am sure.)

If that 10k instead had formed part of their technology investments, then by
the ten ten rule (tech investments grow by a factor of ten every decade) it
would have grown to $10 times 10 to the power of six. Don't forget we are
considering a year 2060 when cryonics revivals are possible - the growth in
technology would have been stupendous. In terms of what is available to the
reanimated patients, either for their own use or to pay for re-education or
whatever, that audit would "cost" them ten million dollars.

Now tell me - was it worth it *just for that one year*. And don't forget
that the audits would have to be done every year and their cost would have
an inflation all of its own because they are a personal service.

And think on this: the ten ten rule has as its justification a knowledge
doubling time of three years. In reality the knowledge doubling time is
less. In a scenario with cryonic revivals in 2060 it would probably be very
much less as 2060 approaches, that is to say the $10k investment would be
worth more than $10m.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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> While I have every confidence in
> the
> honesty of Alcor or CI's directors, I for one would feel better if these
> organizations were willing to submit to a regular audit.
> Any comments?

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