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Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 10:32:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: Canadian Cryonics/Life-Extension Dinner

                          LIFE-EXTENSION/CRYONICS DINNER

         There will be a winter dinner of life-extensionists,  cryonicists
    and  interested  persons  at Shakespeare's Cafe, 362 Bloor Street West
    (one block west of Spadina and Bloor,  on  the  NorthWest  corner)  on
    Sunday,  February  27,  2000  from  6:30pm to 9pm.  Shakespeare's is a
    non-smoking cafe offering wholesome meals & snacks at reasonable prices.

         Our guest of honor  will  be  Kitty  Antonik-Raastad.   Kitty  is
    currently  Vice-President  of CryoSpan, in charge of relocation of the
    facility from California to Arizona.  Formerly a nurse, for  the  past
    16  years  she  has  been a mechanical engineer at Motorola working on
    devices for use in space -- recently on equipment to increase GPS data
    transmission  rate.  In working with Paul Wakfer on the CryoSpan move,
    the two fell in love, which has prompted Kitty's visit to Toronto.

         This dinner is a non-smoking  event.   Bring  your  (non-smoking)
    friends!   For  more  information  phone Ben Best at (416) 935-0557 or
    send him e-mail at 

            Ben Best ()
            ICQ -- http://www.mirabilis.com/20636141

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