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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: Cryonics feasibility "debate"
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 10:33:58 -0800


Medieval scientists agree!

Dateline - Rome.  Wednesday 9 February 1063 A.D.

After careful scientific examination of the evidence, our leading modern
scientists agree that most diseases are the Will of God and will remain
beyond human medical treatment forever.

(end of news story)

Folks, please remember that today's best scientific guess about what CANNOT
be done in the future is only that - a guess.... and usually wrong.

Just a reminder from history for perspective.

P.S. Dr. Craig Venter, the original director of the Human Genome Project,
founder of Human Genome Sciences (NYSE: HGSI) and developer of the EST
method of gene sequencing, has compiled 90% of the human genome over the
last four months and projects completion with a complete copy that will be
99.7% accurate by this June.  ...And he intends to publish this complete and
accurate human genome map for free use to the world.

George Smith

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