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From: "Technotranscendence" <>
Subject: Re: 13234 Hi
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:30:19 -0800

On Wed, 09 Feb 2000 20:13:07 -0800 Josh Kane  wrote:
> Hi, I just joined the list.  My name is Josh Kane.

Welcome aboard!

> I'm only 16, but I
> already know that when I die, I want to have my brain frozen.  The
> future I imagine is at my website (the address is
> http://www.geocities.com/x_squared/future.html).

I reckon you're still in high school.  If so, what do other students in your
school think about cryonics?  I'm especially curious because I'd like to see
more campus outreach on this issue and on life extension in general.

Thanks much!

Daniel Ust

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