X-Message-Number: 13251
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: The science in 13247-13250 is either outmoded or months old
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 100 23:51:53 +1100 (EST)

Hi everyone!

I find that I must state that the scientific notes in this Cryonet
either are long outmoded (use of freezing for surgery, including surgery
against cancer) or appeared in PERIASTRON several issues ago.

I do try to find scientific material of interest to cryonicists, and would
be the last to claim that I always find it. Besides, quite consistently
I find more material than I can really print in the space allotted, and
therefore must make my own choice --- which some may not agree with. In
any case, anyone who is interested can subscribe for a few issues (pick
your number: you can subscribe for only ONE for $3.00 US, and I will 
send you the latest issue. Naturally if you even want ONE issue I will
need your mailing address.

I will also add that if you want to check out PARTS of an issue, ACS
publishes a few of the articles and the Table of Contents on their web
site. As for publishing PERIASTRON on the Web myself, there is a simple
problem: it would cost me money, and I have no way to make any reader
on the Web pay me for reading it. Maybe someday...

There should also be another issue (Ive just finished putting it together
but havent yet taken it to the printer --- it's Sunday here).

			Best and long long life for all
			   (even if you dont subscribe to PERIASTRON)

				Thomas Donaldson

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