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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:43:13 -0800
From: "Ralph C. Merkle" <>
Subject: Alcor Life Extension Conference, Asilomar

The Fourth Alcor Conference on Life Extension Technologies
June 17-18, 2000
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Monterey Peninsula, Northern California

Register by March 1 for on-site lodging

Further information is at http://www.alcor.org/conf.htm
Please forward as appropriate

The conference will cover topics relevant to life extension including:
   biological and medical technologies
   nanotechnology and nanomedicine
   genetic engineering
   tissue engineering
   medical nanodevices
   molecular robotics
   human therapeutic cloning
   anti-aging medicine

K. Eric Drexler, PhD, Foresight Institute
Time said "...a few centuries hence, the name Eric Drexler just might appear
alongside those of Einstein and Freud" while Newsweek called him one of
"100 people to watch in the next millennium."  Hear the world's foremost expert
on nanotechnology tell how to reach the 22nd Century alive and healthy.
Drexler is the author of Engines of Creation and Nanosystems: Molecular
Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation; the founding books in the field
of Nanotechnology.

Michael West, PhD, founder of Geron and now President & CEO of Advanced
Cell Technology, explains how human therapeutic cloning and totipotent stem
cells provide potentially limitless sources of cells for tissue engineering and
transplantation medicine.

Gregory Stock, PhD, New York Times #1 best selling author, speaker, and
Director of the UCLA Program on Medicine, Technology and Society explores
whether future technological advances will be so great that corporeal existence
might be left behind by uploaders.

Glenna Burmer, MD, PhD, LifeSpan BioSciences
Fred Chamberlain, BioTransport, Inc.
Gregory Fahy, PhD, 21st Century Medicine, Inc.
James Hughes, PhD, Univ. Chicago, Dept. Medicine
Ralph Merkle, PhD, Zyvex
Richard Morales, MD, Private Practice
Robert R. Newport, MD, BioTransport, Inc.
Tomas A. Prolla, PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin
Natasha Vita-More, Author, Artist
Brian Wowk, PhD, 21st Century Medicine

Asilomar Conference Center
800 Asilomar Boulevard
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Monterey Peninsula, California
Phone 831-372-8016
Fax 831-642-4261

Enjoy the unique natural surroundings of Asilomar during this stimulating
conference.  Asilomar is a National Historical landmark on the  beautiful
Monterey Peninsula. Staying on-site is a memorable experience with everything
close and convenient. Within a short drive you can experience all the
attractions of the Monterey Peninsula: historic Monterey with Cannery Row,
17-Mile Drive and Pebble Beach, Carmel, beautiful Point Lobos State Park,
the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and majestic Big Sur. Once you arrive, there is
no driving and no hurry. Three excellent cafeteria-style meals are included
each day. Everything including the beach and swimming pool is close and
convenient. Prices are dictated by the accommodations selected.

Attendees are welcome to bring their families and may arrive early or stay
late to enjoy the Monterey Peninsula and take advantage of Asilomar's
economical food and lodging package. However, reservations must be made well
in advance as Asilomar is very popular and sells out quickly.  Save money by
registering for the Conference in advance. Take advantage of the March 1
registration to get on-site lodging.

Primary sponsor: Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Co-Sponsor: Foresight Institute
Academic Sponsors: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine;
                    Medicina Interna Gerontogeriatria y
                         Medicina Anti-Envejecimiento, A.C.

Principle Sponsor: Future Electronics
Event Sponsors: James Halperin Foundation; Voxtran, Inc.
General Sponsor: BioTransport, Inc.
Supporting Sponsor: NanoTechnology Magazine
Basic Sponsor: Life Extension Vitamin Supplies

Before March 1, 2000:  $250
Before June  1, 2000:  $300 (off-site lodging)
After  June  1, 2000:  $400 (off-site lodging)

The Conference Registration fee is paid in addition to the cost of the lodging
package which must be reserved directly through Asilomar (831-372-8016 or see
the Alcor conference page at http://www.alcor.org/conf.htm).

Make checks payable to Alcor. Checks and bank drafts must be in U.S. dollars
drawn on a U.S. bank. Pre-registration must be received at Alcor by Thursday,
June 8, 2000.  After that time, you may register at the door.

Reservations at Asilomar must be made directly with Asilomar and are
separate from the conference registration. Housing forms are available at

(NOTE:  Rates are per person & include 3  nights housing,
tax and meals during the conference)

Deluxe Single Room   (per person): $413
Deluxe Double Room   (per person): $260
Deluxe 3-4 to a Room  (per adult): $212
Deluxe Youth Rate     (Ages 3-17): $155
Historic Single Room (per person): $332
Historic Double Room (per person): $230

Alcor Life Extension Foundation
7895 E. Acoma Dr. Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Fax: 480-922-9027
Phone: 877-GO ALCOR (877-462-5267, toll-free)
Web: www.alcor.org/conf.htm

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