X-Message-Number: 13287
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 00:41:57 -0500
From: gary tripp <>
Subject: James Swayze Surgery postponed

Charles Platt writes:

>Even in their sunny view of the future, though, there is (or should
>be) some cause for concern. Even if you assume that a "half-way decent
>suspension" can be nothing more than a bucket of liquid nitrogen, someone
>has to provide the bucket, and someone has to make sure that it will be
>topped off for the next few decades. In other words, no matter how sunny
>your view of the world is, cryonics depends on infrastructure, and
>infrastructure must be maintained. Since ALL cryonics organizations depend
>on donations of money, time, and labor, it is grossly misleading to spread
>the meme that the future is in some sense guaranteed, and all you have to
>do is pay your insurance and membership dues. 

We need more than a bucket of LN; we need research.
I feel that we need something like the Prometheous project here!

Brook Norton writes:

>Gary Tripp, in msg 13280, says that James Swayze will be undergoing a risky
>operation on Friday.  Thanks Gary for organizing the donation bookkeeping.
>I will increase my pledge from $1,000 to $1,500 until the risk of surgery is
>passed.  From what I've read from James, he is a classic cryonicist who
>appreciates what we are all trying to do, but being a quadriplegic, he
>simply has no way to raise the roughly $30K that will be required in the
>short term for suspension.  I wish a fund already existed for such cases,
>but it doesn't.  I'm not sure what else to do except request that other
>cryonicists who are able and of like mind to make a pledge.

Thank you Brook

James' surgery has been postponed - I'll keep you posted.


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