X-Message-Number: 13290
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:35:45 -0600
From: Steve Jackson <>
Subject: Platt's complaint

	I thought Charles' disdain for Billy Brown was a bit overdone.
Certainly research is needed; certainly a committed member is more valuable
to all of us than than one who just signs up for the ride. But the member
who just signs up and pays his dues is valuable too. We claim to be working
toward a society where confidence in cryonics is widespread and many people
just sign up and don't worry about the details. I don't think it is
appropriate -- or prudent -- to deride an "early adopter" of this attitude.
Debate, yes; deride, no!
	Charles, you are coming off a bit Calvinist here. "We must all work
and we must all suffer; only those who labor in the subzero vineyards are
worthy of resurrection."

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