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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Weekend Retreat and Turkey Roast 
Date: 2 Nov 1989

[ I copied the following announcement from a flyer mailed to me in mid -
  October (while I was on my honeymoon). - KQB ]

        Dec. 1 - 3, 1989 Weekend Retreat and Turkey Roast

For the two days before the annual Turkey Roast, Alcor will sponsor a weekend
cryonics "retreat".  The weekend will start at 7:00 PM on Friday with a
reception at the Mountain View Motel, owned by Alcor Suspension Members Dave
and Trudy Pizer in Wrightwood, California.  Dave and Trudy recently acquired a
resort motel in the skiing town of Wrightwood which is located in the San
Gabriel mountains, about a 50 minute drive from the Alcor facility (and the
home of Saul Kent and Jo Ann Martin, where the Turkey Roast will be held).
Dave and Trudy will be co-hosting the retreat with Alcor, and offering a
standing discount on rooms of 25% to any cryonicist.  [ I assume that this
means that any cryonicist is welcome, not just Alcor members. - KQB ]
The weekend will start with an informal reception on Friday, December 1st
from 7:00 PM to 12 Midnight, to be held in Cabin 10 of the Mountain View
Motel.  Saturday morning will feature a light breakfast (coffee and rolls)
from 8 - 9 AM.  The schedule for the day is as follows (also to be held
in Cabin 10, unless an overflow crowd pushes us into the Pizer's home):

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: "The Reanimation Foundation: An Introduction to Taking
    Your Money With You" by Saul Kent.  Saul will discuss the newly formed
    Reanimation Foundation and provide information on how you can provide for
    both cryobiological and reanimation research, as well as provide for
    rehabilitation on the other end.  Information will be available about
    how you can participate in the Reanimation Foundation.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: "An Introduction to the Alcor Coordination Program" by
    Mike Darwin.  Mike will discuss ways that people can improve local
    capability to respond in the event of an emergency and will demonstrate
    the new high impulse CPR equipment which Alcor has recently acquired.
    There will also be discussion of recent upgrades to the transport
    program including new calcium blocking agents and the use of UW-Flush
    solution in transporting patients.

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM: Rest and Recreation.  There will be plenty of time to
    accomodate folks who want to go skiing or sledding.  (There will be snow!
    Three of the world's biggest snow machines are at the nearby Mountain
    High Ski Slopes.)

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM: "Update On the Legal Status of Cryonics" by Christopher
    Ashworth, Esq.  Chris Ashworth is Alcor's constitutional attorney and
    the man largely responsible for our victory in the Kent vs. Carillo case
    which resulted in Alcor's permanent restraining order blocking autopsy
    of Dora Kent and the other Alcor suspension patients.  Chris will summarize
    recent legal action and share his views of what's likely to be ahead for
    cryonics in the legal arena.  Chris is a dynamic speaker and superb at
    answering questions.  It is anticipated that a fair amount of this session
    will be Q&A from the audience.

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM: Dinner (included) will be held cook-out style.  There will
    be food available for vegetarians.  There is a reasonably good (although
    by no means certain) chance that cryobiologist and organ preservationist
    Dr. Gregory Fahy will be available during the dinner hours (from 7:00 PM
    to 8:00 PM) to give an informal update on his progress in vitrification
    research and answer questions on matters cryobiological.

8:00 PM to 10:00 PM: "Where Do We Go From Here?"  Panel Discussion featuring
   Alcor President Carlos Mondragon, Vice President Jerry Leaf, Directory of
   Research Mike Darwin, and Northern California Regional Co-Coordinator
   Keith Henson.  Depending on how Roe v. Mitchell turns out this may be
   either an explosive growth planning session or a contingency planning party.

Sunday, December 3rd, folks will check out and head down to Saul's for a
change of pace from the snowy slopes of Wrightwood to the sunny hills of
Riverside.  Coffee and rolls will be available in Cabin 10 at 8:00 AM
and everyone is requested to be checked out and on the road down to Saul's
by 11:00 AM.

Directions to the Mountain View Motel: From Riverside, take the 91/215.
(It changes numbers as it crosses the 60.) north up through San Bernardino
and into the Cajon Pass.  Go west on Highway 138 about 12 miles to Highway 2.
Take Highway 2 into Wrightwood.  The motel is on the far (west) side of town,
at 1054 State Highway 2.  The telephone number is (619) 249-3553.

Registration Fee for the Weekend Retreat (includes rolls, and coffee Saturday
and Sunday morning, dinner Saturday night, and access to all presentations)
is $30.00 per person until November 20th.  Kids 5-10 will be $15.00.  After
November 20th the registration fee is $45.00 per person.  Saturday lunch is
fend-for-yourself.  There are cafes about three blocks away.
Room rates: For cryonicists, the rate for a cabin holding up to four people
is $60.00/night.  If you want pot-luck on roommates, this comes to $15 per
person per night per cabin of four, or $20/person/night/cabin of three, or
$30/person/night/cabin of two.  Checkout is 11:00 AM Sunday.  If enough people
register early, the Pizers will close the motel to non-cryonicists for those
two days.
Send check to: Mountain View Motel; P.O. Box 458; Wrightwood, CA 92397



The Alcor annual turkey roast is for everyone who cherishes life and wants
to be part of the fantastic world of the future.
This year's event will be held on Sunday, Dec. 3, 1989 at the home of
Saul Kent and Jo Ann Martin: 16280 Whispering Spur, Riverside, California.
The Alcor turkey roast starts at noon and ends at midnight.  It is the event
of the year on Alcor's social calendar.  There will be a great deal of
delicious food (brought by various Alcor members) including two large
stuffed turkeys, canapes and condiments, a wide variety of vegetable dishes,
fresh fruit, freshly-baked breads, and mouth-watering pies and pastries.
There'll also be plenty to drink including fruit juices, soda pop, beer,
and wine.
Among the recreational activites on the 2 1/2 acre site of the event will be
swimming (in the pool), frolicking in the large heated spa, volleyball,
croquet, and walkks along flower-lined paths.  Indoor activities will include
the viewing of TV shows, newscasts and old movies about cryonics as well as
professional entertainment.
[ The flyer included a map to the home of Saul Kent and Jo Ann Martin that I
cannot easily reproduce on a text terminal. - KQB ]


New Videotaping Service

Alcor will launch a new videotaping service at this year's Turkey Roast.
Members can have videotapes made for their suspension files for two purposes:
(1) as a record of their wishes for cryonic suspension and (2) to provide a
personal record that could be of value in efforts at future reanimation.
Members are advised to put their wishes for cryonic suspension on videotape
to make it clear that their decision to be suspended was made in a lucid,
rational state.
Such a videotape could prove to be invaluable should your relatives, business
associates, creditors, or some agency of the government try to prevent your
suspension or attempt to seize the assets you've set aside to pay for it.
At the end of 1988, a relative of suspension member Dick Clair stole
almost half his estate (by having him sign new legal papers) while he was
in a state of delirium prior to his suspension.  It could happen to you!
Alcor members may also want to make an ongoing videotape of any of their
personal memories or ideas to provide an historical record that might assist
future scientists in their attempts at reanimation.  If there proves to be a
problem (because of brain damage) in "reconstructing" the member's identity,
such a videotaped "diary" might provide them with valuable clues to help
them repair the brain properly.
Alcor members will be able to have videotapes made for $35 per half hour
($35 minimum) at the Turkey Roast.  Assistance in making tapes for legal
purposes will be provided.

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