X-Message-Number: 13419
From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: my condolences to Robert Ettinger in this very difficult time
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 02:40:18 PST

Mr. Ettinger,

I just want to publicly offer my condolences to you after the loss of Mae.  
This must be a very hard time and my heart goes out to you.  I remember 
reading the account of a foreign visitor to your facility who was very 
touched by the reception he received at the hands of your wife.  She went 
out of her way to help him anyway she could.

I am very glad to hear that the suspension procedure was done in a timely 
and effective manner.  In time I suppose I will hear of your passing and how 
you too were suspended.  Then it will be the two of you embarking on this 
gamble, this great adventure known as cryonics.  You will then be the first 
person I have ever known(though only by email) to have been suspended.

I wish to express my sadness and also my hope that Mae will be among us 
again someday.  Now you take good care of yourself.


John Grigg
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