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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 14:33:36 -0500
Subject: Plain Dealer March 25, 2000 Page 3-F
From: Thomas R Mazanec <>

2 articles:
"Goal of euthanasia is control more often than relief of pain"
by Mark O'Keefe
"Most people, like Freud, choose doctor-aided death
not to avoid pain, but to exert autonomy." In 1947, Gallup
gave 37% in favor of euthanasia vs 54% against.
In 1999 it was 61% in favor vs 35% against. Dr. Peter Goodman
was quoted as saying "...in general, it is somebody who has a
polytheistic belief or an agnostic belief or perhaps an atheistic

"Ethicists take aim at quest for longer life"
by Nicholas Wade
"Far from accepting greater longevity as a blessing, 
ethicists and some theologians offered passionate praise of death.
They argued that life without death would be meaningless and that
the natural ambitions of career and family were satisfied within a
of 80 years." Dr. Daniel Callahan, a biomedical ethicist said "We can't
ban this research, but we can make it socially despicable." Another
ethicist, Dr. Leon R. Kass, said "The finitude of human life is a
for every individual whether he knows it or not." Rev. Richard J. Neuhaus
criticized the research as "a pagan and sub-Christian quest" driven by
"essentially ampral and mindless dynamic of the technological imperative
joined to an ignoble fear of death." He advises the "most informed and
critical resistance at every point along the way."

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