X-Message-Number: 13445
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 21:27:24 EST
Subject: Genetic Errors Cause Aging

AOL users might find interest in this article.  
<A HREF="aol://4344:30.L100IL4l.7219396.638917516">03/31: Research: Genetic 
Errors Cause Aging</A> 
For people who argue against life extension and cryonics based on "natural 
law" its a nice little snippet in plain English.      I'm not sure if its 
available at http://www.aol.com.  

The study was published by Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.   
Just a snippet :

``There are checkpoint genes that have to do with quality control in a 
cell,'' said Lerner. ``These genes decide after a cell divides if it is good 
enough to live or not.'' 

If the checkpoint genes work, then genetic errors are stopped immediately. 

But when the checkpoint genes fail, mistakes in DNA are perpetuated because 
the flawed cells then make new cells with the same genetic mistakes, or 
worse. This cascade of genetic goofs can eventually cause a loss of function 
that may include the typical symptoms of aging."

(I'm on digest, forgive me if someone has posted this already.)


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