X-Message-Number: 13449
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 17:42:27 EST
Subject: "primitive" diets

  "Primitive" diets are much more complex than ours, containing higher doses 
of many nutrients and very little trans fat. Atherosclerosis, 
arteriosclerosis, type II diabetes, strokes, several other diseases of 
civilization-- all were pretty rare or unknown in primitive cultures. But the 
myth that "they all died at 35" will die hard, because people WANT to believe 
that they can keep eating trans fat and corn syrup as staple foods. (Of 
course a lot of primitives do die young... just not from atherosclerosis.) 
Too bad the eco-religion is based on Bambi movies instead of the real 
hunter-gatherer life; we'd be better off if hunting preserves and wilder 
types of plant foods became  fashionable.
  A fairly good (but dated) book on this is The Paleolithic Prescription. Can 
anyone suggest a more recent book?

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