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Hi, this is Rudi Hoffman, responding to the below posting:

 Message #13452
 Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 19:38:11 -0700
 From: Peter Christiansen <>
 Subject: Affordable Cryonics
 Apparently both Alcor and CI intend to use Cryo Transport to perform the
 initial suspension procedure which would mean the quality of the actual
 suspension for members of either organization would be the same.
 CI currently offers a whole body suspension for $28,000 but does not
 offer a neuro option. Alcor charges $120,000 to $150,000 for a whole
 body, and $50,000 or 42% the cost of  a whole body suspension for a
 It is my understanding that long term storage maintenance funding at CI
 is based on an estimated average annual growth (or draw) of 5%, and at
 Alcor on an estimated average annual growth (or draw) of %2. Either of
 which of course is very conservative compared to the average annual
 growth rate of 10% in the major financial markets in the past century.
 All this being so, it would seem that it should be possible to offer a
 competently performed neuro suspension, and long term storage, for 
 $12,000 to $15,000.
 Peter Christiansen
Hello, Peter and others on Cryonet,

You may be interested in noting that Alcor has a policy of setting $70,000 
(that is seventy thousand dollars) into the patient care trust fund upon each 
full body suspension.  

This patient care trust fund is managed by Smith Barney, and is not available 
for administrative or operating expenses of Alcor.  The fund is currently 
over one million dollars and growing.  

Documentation of these observations are available from Alcor.

The point is to have as much money as possible for long term storage and 

Just thought people should know.  The funding aspects of the different orgs 
are not always well known.  I have been a dues paying, fully signed up member 
of ALCOR since 1994, and only recently found that 70,000 of my insurance 
funded 120,000 was to be committed to the patient care trust.  

Some general observations re: costs of funding.

(This happens to be a special interest of mine, since I believe many more 
people would be signed up for cryonics if they understood the insurance 
financing aspect)

There is a range of quality in everything. I understand this concept much 
better at 43 than I did at age 33 or age 23. 

Wouldn't you agree, Peter, that there are different value systems and 
considerations that are important to different people.  

That is why some folks drive Volvos, others drive Lincolns, others drive 
Buicks, and others drive beat up Dodges.  Diffeerent values and ability to 

I for one am very comfortable with Alcor.  Especially because I can use the 
magic of life insurance to create 120,000 for a very affordable price.

Which is not to say that CI is not a fine alternative.

The important thing is that people realize that the cryonics alternative IS 
an AFFORDABLE option.

And that they take action, not procrastinating while the costs of insuring 
them go up as they get older.  Along with the very real possibility that they 
may become uninsurable, which is a reality of life that currently happens to 
EVERYONE at some point in time. 

Having sold life insurance for 23 years, the challenges of obtaining 
affordable insurance for older age individuals is a very real and daily 
experience for me.  These observations are not merely opinions, but the realit
ies of the insurance and mortality tables that all life insurance companies 
base their policy assumptions on.

Thanks for your attention and observation regarding the all important FUNDING 

I would welcome any dialogue on funding and financial matters in this forum.  

I think a discussion of cryonics FUNDING is very much "ON POINT" in this BB.

Warmly and Sincerely Yours,

Rudi Hoffman
Certified Financial Planner
Daytona Beach, FL USA

( BTW,  you may be interested to know I am currently to my knowledge the 
leading writer of life insurance to fund cryotransport in the world, one of 
the few life insurance agents specializing in writing cryonic suspension 
policies licensed in multiple states.)   (This is more than a hobby to 
me...about half my Financial Planning practice involves cryostasis life 
insurance policies.)

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