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Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 23:22:16 EDT
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 I've been a member of this list for some time, and have found it more than 
 interesting to listen to so many different points and arguements, and now 
 finally, I have a question. '
 I need to know different approaches to funding one's suspension. I was 
 diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition, and I can't find any 
 to insure myself, or find any alternatives that would allow me to have the 
 financial ability to have myself suspended.
 My father is Suspended at Alcor, and it is very important to me that I am 
 with him.
 My doctors tell me that I have about 8-10 years before this option would be 
 Please respond to me @ 
 All suggestions will be3 appreciated.
 Joanna J. Epstein  

Dear Joanna,

Hello.  My name is Rudi Hoffman.

I am signed with Alcor since 1994, and I sell life insurance.

I do not know if I could help you or not, to be painfully honest.

It is ironic that in tomorrows cryonet will appear a posting by me warning 
that everyone becomes uninsurable sooner or later, and to not delay in 
obtaining life insurance to fund suspension.

If you would like, you may call me at 1-800-749-3773 and give me the details 
of your health status. Or email if you prefer.  

I thought it would be better to 

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