X-Message-Number: 13466
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 09:45:36 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #13459 - #13465

To Joana Epstein:

I don't know just how you support yourself, but if you have several years
then one possible activity is to try to save as much as possible. The
memberships in the Cryonics Institute cost a good deal less than those
with Alcor, although even with Alcor it remains relatively inexpensive
if you only want to suspend your head (don't be shocked! Where do you 
think you are, really?).

It's also meaningful to ask just what property and other things you 
now own. 

Yes, if you own nothing and have not been working for a living, and
have no education which lets you work for a decent salary, you have
a serious problem. And yes, trying to earn the required amount of money
within only a few years will basically mean that you don't spend your
income on anything but the barest necessities.

One major issue with real property is that it would require special
attention if you wish to use it for suspension. That does not mean
that it is impossible, just more difficult. I cannot provide any
further advice without much better information about your earnings
and your property, but I would still suggest that you start by 
totting up just how much money you'd be able to provide NOW, and
then look into how much you'd have to produce so that you can be
suspended in a few years time (and keep in mind that you may cease
to be able to earn anything for the last year or so of your life).

One very hard possibility is that you will want to AVOID any payments
in the period in which you are no longer able to earn any money. 
Essentially this means that you would act so that your suspension
occurred BEFORE your disease became so serious that you could not
earn any more. Currently the only way to commit suicide in a way 
which won't get you autopsied is to stop eating --- though it may
now or soon be possible to live for several years in a US state which
allows its residents to commit suicide openly.

Yes, this is hard advice, but it may be the best available.

		Best wishes and long long life (now or later),

			Thomas Donaldson

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