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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: A cryonics enclave is on the horizon!
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 03:14:37 PDT

David Pizer wrote:
There could also be a hospice or in-home hospice service.  This is the
parcel that I would like to create a cryonics community that I have seen a 
need for.  A place where like-minded persons can work together to raise the 
odds for mutiple survival.  Residents could have condo-like homes or 
free-standing homes on larger parcels, like 1/2 acre.

We could have a community meeting building, a spa, exercise room (although 
there are miles and miles or nature trails leading through the federal 
forests that adjoin this parcel for hiking.

The income from the resort portion might be used to create the cryonics 
community.  There can also be buildings where cryonics volunteers can work 
together to raise public awareness for life extension and also to raise 
money for charitable help in underfunded suspensions.  We would need people 
who are experts with computers, writers, public speakers, and other workers. 
  Some people could do radio talk shows and if we raise awareness, we could 
supply guests for TV talk shows.  We might also have our own printing 
equipment and publish magazines and books on cryonics, life extension and 
other related topics.

The next step is to raise the money to build the public resort portion. I 
may be able to have that by the end of this year. In the meantime, people 
interested can throw out ideas for discussion.

David, I am excited!  You have made the first big step by purchasing the 
land and I am so happy for you and us all.  The vision you have must be 
nurtured and made real.  I really could see it because of the word picture 
you drew.  The area of land you bought sounds choice and should be perfect 
for what you need.  I live in Anchorage, Alaska but if I were close enough I 
would go and take a look at the land.

I think this is what cryonics has been looking for.  A cryonicist enclave 
like this could really capture the positive interest of the public and mass 
media and help to focus our energies in a way that would really benefit 
eachother.  I just hope it is designed to be affordable for all income 
levels.  A powerful thrill shot through me as I read your post and I hope to 
feel even greater excitement as I read in the future about how construction 
is going on to make the dream a reality.  Good luck with it and I hope you 
get the support you deserve.

best wishes,

John Grigg
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