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From: Hara Ra <>
Subject: Terence McKenna is really dead

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Subject: MAPS: Terence has died

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Last night (Monday, April 3) at 2:30 AM Terence McKenna took his last
breath and crossed over. He was surrounded by those he loved, although he
didn't leave this plane until everyone had fallen asleep. Christie was by
his side.

In Dec. 1999 at Esalen Terence said:
"Everything is a blessing and everything comes as a gift. And I don't
regret anything about the situation I find myself in. If psychedelics
don't ready you for the great beyond, then I don't know what really does.
And we're all under sentence of 'moving up' at some point in our lives.
I have an absolute faith that the universe prefers joy and distills us with
joy. That is what religion is trying to download to us, and this is what
every moment of life is trying to do-if we can open to it. And we
psychedelic people, if we could secure that death has no sting, we would
have done the greatest service to suffering intelligence that can be done.
And I feel that death is close, and I feel strong because of this
(psychedelic) community and these people and plants that it rests on, and
the ancient practices that it rests on, and I am full of hope, not only for
my own small problems, but for humanity in general."
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