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Here's the SF Chronicle obit:


>Terence McKenna, an author, lecturer and
>counterculture drug guru who believed that eating
>psychedelic mushrooms could ``empower a sense
>of community and dissolve boundaries,'' has died
>after a long battle with brain cancer.
>Mr. McKenna, 53, died Monday at a friend's home
>in San Rafael.
>A longtime advocate of experimental drug use who
>updated a popular slogan to become ``log in, turn
>on, drop out,'' Mr. McKenna believed that
>psychedelic drugs were the key to human evolution.
>In his 1991 book, ``Food of the Gods,'' he
>proclaimed to a skeptical world that prehistoric
>human beings developed language, religion and
>advanced civilizations only after accidentally finding
>and ingesting psychedelic drugs while gathering
>Warfare, he believed, caught on only after
>mushrooms became scarce as a result of a world
>A native of Paonia, Colo., and a graduate of Los
>Altos High School and the University of California
>at Berkeley, Mr. McKenna traveled extensively in
>Asia, Europe and South America, experimenting
>with drugs and writing vivid accounts.
>In one book, ``True Hallucinations,'' he described a
>1971 drug trip through the Amazon jungle and an
>attempt to communicate with his dead mother using
>the ``manipulative power of consciousness'' to
>overcome the ``inertia of pre-existing physical

(True hallucinations is a wild ride - Terence at his best! -HR)

>In later years, he delivered lectures about the end of
>time, which he believed would occur in the year
>2012, and worked as a live pundit at all-night
>``rave'' parties.
>He was the author of six books on psychedelia and
>a ``scholar-in-residence'' at the counterculture
>Esalen Institute on the Big Sur coast.
>His role model, 1960s drug guru Timothy Leary,
>once called Mr. McKenna ``ten times smarter and
>more effective than I was.''
>He is survived by his longtime companion, Christy
>Silness, of Kona, Hawaii, and by children Klea
>McKenna of Santa Cruz and Finn McKenna of
>Jersey City, N.J.
>Plans for memorial services in the Bay Area and in
>New York are pending.

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