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>Hej, I havent had time to read all for some time, but halted for the new
>idea of living in Az.  Did I miss where the land is?
>I've planned to relocate anyway as well as others I know, but have one rule,
>to be within "the golden hour" of a hospital as can save a life.
>Thomas Nord

Very Important!

To get to the property you drive north from Phoenix on Interstate 17 less
than one hour to Cordes Junction.

At Codes Junction you turn west on State Highway 69 and drive 6 miles.

We will be there Saturday April 15th, come on by for a tour.  Look for a
big green motor home on the north side of the highway at one of the bridges
that goes over Big Bug Creek.  Between milepost 268 and 269.

The property touches the north side of State Highway 69.  It is a square
parcel (approx) 40 acres so there is 1/4 mile of frontage.  There is
already state provided access road from the blacktop of the highway to the

From the property:

Within one hour drive you can be at one of the most advanced hospitals in
the world, Mayo Hospital in north Phoenix.  Within 1 and 1/2 hour you can
be at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  There are other hospitals closer.

Within shorter distances:

Two miles to Mayer Fire Station

Three miles to Spring Valley Fire Station  manned 24 hours

15 miles to Prescott Valley Emergency Center which has several techincians
and several well-equiped ambulances available 24 hours a day.

Two big hospitals 1/2 hour away in Prescott.  

This property is surrounded by a belt of government owned land that will
most likely end up as a national or state park in the future.  That means
there is healty hiking  from the facility into the beautiful natural
*Sonoran* desert around.  The Sonoran deseart is not the ucky kind of
desert with sand and wind.  It is the kind with lots of lush plants, stands
of oaks, big trees along the creek.  It is at 4,000 feet elevation so it is
not the real hot desert although it is warm in the summer (not like Phoenix
at 1500 fet elevation or less where it gets hotter in the summer.)

Dave Pizer

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