X-Message-Number: 13515
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 17:15:18 EDT
Subject: Back to uploading: the angel concept.

uploading (or for short, brain on computer) is not well received by many in 
the small world of cryonics. Neverthless, I think it is the best option in 
continental Europe where laws impose long delays before freezing and for many 
now frozen.

A uploaded brain could live in an artificial world, a virtual reality. 
Neverthless, there is another option: It could have a two way link with a 
living brain, may be a clone of the original body. That person would have two 
brains: one in the biological body and another on a computer or another 
electronics device. Even the young biological brain would have the full 
experience and memory of the uploaded one, this last would be its 
"electronics angel".

One possibility is to use as biological componment a small animal, it would 
be interesting in space travel to have this option. This would give the power 
and flexibility of a manned exploration at only some percents of the mass and 

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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