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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:25:51 -0700
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Pizerville project

Hi David --

Do you have a Web wite for this project yet?  Not a  snazzy marketing
piece; just a description of what you're wanting to do and maybe a few 
photos?  There are people who might be interested who aren't on 
Cryonet, and it would be very tedious for them to read all the postings
that have been made on it, even if I could assemble them.

Actually, your most recent Cryonet posting would make a fine home page,
or basis for one.  You could put the URL at the bottom of your email
messages.  The fingers you save may be your own!

> This will involve a good repore with the coroner's office
> and perhaps some legal work. 

I think the word you're looking for is "rapport" (I like the ones 
that today's spell checkers have *no* hope of fixing, especially
when even an intelligent person with a dictionary who didn't know how to 
spell the word couldn't find it to look it up).

> Another 6 months after that and we should have stage 1 completed.  Do you
> want to make a reservation now :=)

By the way, how much might land for houses and such go for in Pizerville?

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