X-Message-Number: 13520
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 13:42:27 EDT
Subject: wish list for Dave Pizer.

> What are the things you want?  Be specific!
> Now is the time to post a list of what you would like to see avaiable at
> this facility while we are in the planning stages.  
> Post your wish list.  

I know about some tropical plants with interesting properties. Because the
products they contain is not on the market, there is no other option that
cultivate them... In a greenhouse  So this item would be usefull.

Do you know about Rimu trees?  There are some of them in California, what
about your location?

I am an amateur astronomer and telescope builder. Is there a possible place
for such an instrument (what diameter is possible?) Is there a heavy ligth
pollution in the area?

Could be there a  technical workshop where big lasers could be built?
Mechanical construction imply some vibration, on the other hand, most
laser application don't like them, so there must be two separate sites.

In fact, I am looking for an amateur scientist group with some places to 
I have an idea for that in europe. On the other hand, , because most contact 
and recruitement now take place via Internet, it would be interesting to have 
on the american side. If our projects could be united, we would benefit each 

To be sure, that ask for more thinking and refinement in the project(s).

Have you some maps to locate your site and 2 or 3 pictures?

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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