X-Message-Number: 13523
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 00:11:10 +0400
From: Mikhail Soloviev <>
Subject: Re: Back to uploading: the angel concept (Message #13515)

> A uploaded brain could live in an artificial world, a virtual reality. 
> Neverthless, there is another option: It could have a two way link with
> a living brain, may be a clone of the original body. That person would
> have two brains: one in the biological body and another on a computer
> or another electronics device. Even the young biological brain would
> have the full experience and memory of the uploaded one, this last would
> be its "electronics angel".

We think in parallel. My hobby is the development of computer 
programs that could be a part of the man (or his brain), who 
owns computer. One of my project was named "eAngel".

-- Mikhail

P.S. Maybe it is worth to organize a joint immortalist 
mailing list (conference) on the questions of cryonics,
uploading, antiaging, resurrection, and social, political
and philosophical problems of immortalism in general.

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