X-Message-Number: 13525
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 00:09:45 +0100
From: Corbally <>
Subject: A Great idea

Hello all,

Coming out from the lurking shadows....:)

I've only been familiar with cryonics for a short time, but the idea of Mr.
Pizer's retirement facility sounds like the right idea at the right time.
Just think, you could get dateline or NBC to do an item on it.  Could turn
out to be one of the most powerful advertising tools seen yet in the
Cryonics movement.  Would be very tangible evidence of the dedicated people
involved in this field.

The very best of luck in this endeavor.  I was going to suggest a name, but
couldn't think of anything!

Also, I'd like to express my great sorrow at the passing of Mae Ettinger.
While I've never had the pleasure of meeting either Mr. or Mrs. Ettinger, I
know how it feels to lose a Mother and watch a Father lose his companion.
My thoughts are with Mr. Ettinger at this hard time.  It's my sincerest
wish that you both be reunited in the future.

"Choiche agus go brach" (Always and forever)



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