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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
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Subject: Message #12889
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:18:41 +0200

> Message #12889
> From: "Brook and Helen" <>
> Subject: Venturist/Cryonics community, decentralized
> Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 21:09:53 -0800
> Dave Pizer recently suggested a cryonics community in the Phoenix area
> would be centered around an apartment complex.  Bob Ettinger then
> the difficulties and undesirability of leaving one's home for such an
> apartment.  Perhaps a more attractive option would be to set up a cryonics
> community in the Phoenix area, but not in a specific location.
> could then pick the type of living arrangements that best suited them.
> community could have services, like daily visitation, or legal counseling,
> socials, or whatever.

Snooping around from here with Internet, I think I found a nice place up in
Fountain hills above the valley but near Phx etc, with better air and

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