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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
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Subject: #13494 - #13498 and #12888
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:39:26 +0200

> Quiet winter nights
> Wake up on a fresh winter morning with 2 inches of virgin white snow, with
> lush desert plants peaking through. But not very cold, you can go outside
> without a jacket.

Seems perfect to get away from the Az summerheat.
Some of us dislike snow and ice where I am, its perhaps nicer there.
As far as my Internet-scouting  has shown, its no risk of natural-disasters
out there, but still those lethal animals to watch out for, as we have less
of here.

> Now is the time to post a list of what you would like to see avaiable at
> this facility while we are in the planning stages.

Environmently friendly heating and fresh tapwater. Good isolated houses
keeps the heat and cold out.
Can we buy our own piece of land and build our own houses, I like one made
of stones as doesnt burn down so easy...
Is a phoneconnectin costly as it is here out in the countryside?
Guess one can forget broadband-cable, only by a dish.
Any shopping nearby?
Seems like a good holiday resort anyway if one also can afford a place
nearer the valley.
And I guess those of us from abroad who may be tempted, can get a job there
thats enough f r a greencard.
By the way, do you all have to use those kitchen rubbish-disposal-machines
as seem to make a lot of trouble, and why, we dont have any here at all.

Another one:
> There are two types of neuros; whole head, and brain only.
> Is there any evidence that brain is more acceptible than head,
> from a PR standpoint?
Cant you skip that neurostuff?
I think its doing more harm than benefit.
With CI's prices, who wishes neuro?

Message #12888
> I am still saddened that Paul Wakfer's "Prometheus Project" did not get
> funding it deserved for the noble goal of fully reversible suspension.

As far as I've read it got the funding but other problems.

Thomas from the Venice of Scandinavia...waking up after our an awful winter,
as most do here.

PS remember that all you write here can be found in other searchmachines, I
got some kickbacks from digusting types in Usenet/Newsgroups I've spent to
much time in for some year.

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