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Subject: LifeShirt.com Update
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:59:57 +0100

Readers may recall discussion about the Life Shirt on Cryonet earlier in the
year. Although the company itself is not available on a public stock market,
its manufactuer is, Non Invasive Monitoring Systems, NIMU. Although like all
these stocks it is now well down from their peak, the stock quotation is
still far above the 17 cents when it was first mentioned here.

This, of course, not just an investment opportunity but a subject that is of
interest to both life extensionists and cryonicists. Although at present the
daily fee makes it expensive, there is potential for the technology to
generate an immediate cash flow for the company form the well healed early
adopters, and will reach the rest of us as the market matures, as did mobile

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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LifeShirt.com Update
In the Press
Andrew Behar, Chief Operating Officer & Founder and Dr. Marvin Sackner,
Medical Director, are scheduled to appear on "Digital Jam" on the CNNfn
cable network this Thursday.

Thursday, April 13th
live: 7:30pm ET/ 4:30pm PT
repeated: 8:00pm ET/ 11pm PT

Other News
United States Patent 6,047,203 "Physiologic Signs Feedback System" was
issued this week. This landmark patent provides LifeShirt with broad
protection for utilizing a garment with embedded sensors to monitor
physiological signs and transmit the collected data over the Internet.  The
patent prevents others from monitoring physiological signs using any device
in the form of a garment and firmly establishes LifeShirt as a predominant
player in the fast growing e-health and telemedicine industry.

For more information visit our website at www.lifeshirt.com and click on the
page for Patents or click on the link

We will be in touch with more news.  Thanks for your support.

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