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Subject: Re: Dave's Land
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:39:16 +0100

How about offering chalets, villas or whatever they are called as
investments for young cryonicists on a basis similar to what follows:

The investor buys *a lifetime interest* in a chalet for a fixed sum
represented by a cash advance and a loan, arranged by the organisers on
behalf of the investor with a third party such as a finance company. The
capital and interest for the loan is repaid by rental received (less
maintenance and expenses) by the organisers. The lifetime interest reverts
to the cryonics organisation of the investor's choice when he is
cryopreserved. The investor supports the loan either by life insurance for
the term of the loan or it appears as a debit against his estate. (He would
need to satisfy the organisers that his estate is big enough for this
option.) An even more powerful financial option if for an interest only loan
arranged with the capital being repaid by a debt on an estate. (Assuming
that US law puts such debts ahead of taxes.)

Given that inflation put the rents up for these chalets and the investor is
relatively young, then as time progresses the rent will exceed the loan and
the investor will receive an income from his chalet.

In addition, if US law permits short term letting of residential property
and the organisers can find enough non-cryonicists to rent on this basis,
the investor could claim occupancy of his chalet towards the end of his life
in the circumstances that have been discussed on Cryonet.

All these ideas, and others as may be modified by members of this list,
could be incorporated into a "manufactured legal document" (like a life
insurance trust) so that all investors have to do is to write checks and not
bother about being ripped off by lawyers (unless they want everything
doubled checked for their own reassurance).

Of course to non-cryonicist the "life time interest" will look ridiculously
expensive, as obviously the purchase price would have to take into
consideration the fact that whatever it is called in legal terms, value is
being passed from the estate organisers to the cryonics organisation. The
point of all this is to make it appear in legal terms that money is not
changing hands to do the cryopreservation, the chalet is just reverting as
per a (then) old contract.

It seems to me that this could be a third way of funding cryopreservation
for those to whom both technology investment or life insurance do not

I hope this is a starting point for a detailed debate rather than just
general acceptance or rejection.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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