X-Message-Number: 13537
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:18:28 -0400
From: gary tripp <>
Subject: Re: PR on neuros versus brain only

Doug Skrecky writes:

>  This was my thinking as well. To be a practical very low cost
>alternative to whole body, whole body perfusion with cryoprotectants 
>would have to be omitted. Some tests would have to be performed to see 
>how well alternative cryoprotectant procedures involving only the brain 
>could be. For example rapid dehydration of a brain in an anhydrous
>ethylene glycol/glycerol solution, which is circulated
>through a silica gel bead filter might be a very inexpensive way to
>prevent ice crystal damage. However it is unclear how toxic such a 
>procedure would be in practice to neurons.

This sounds like an interesting possibility. Has anyone been looking at this
i.e. Darwin et al ?


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