X-Message-Number: 13539
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:32:42 EDT
Subject: Dave Pizer, Venturism and sects

I'go in the reverse order of the title above:

Sects try to brain vash their followers, and this work best with youngs.
Every religion aim a large effort at the youngs, it' s the best way to have
life long "consummers".

Venturism is defined, I think more or less as a cryonics religion, what it
lacks is a brain washing center, Dave site would be a perfect place for that.

Well, this is the cynical side of the idea, I'll put it now in a better ligth:

Cryonics is a small group, even at world scale, it would then be useful
to find other user for the planned site. I have suggested to put here
some elements interesting for technology oriented people. The best way
to attract them could be to say something as: In our technological world
the best hope for your childrens is to become technology proficient. Bring
them to our site and they'll learn to practize high tech and like it. ( I know
the american's "best hope" is more with accountant and lawers that with
technology, the silicon valley example must start to move that way of 

The youngs could discover, astronomy, quantum optics with lasers, rocket
engines, biochemistry, electronics and computing, geology and paleonthology
(a way to get a glimpse to long time duration) and life extension-cryonics.
These last subjects would be integrated in their world representation along
computers and video. Cryonics would not be anymore a late and painful addition
to a mature psychology, it would be a natural part of the world, learned from


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