X-Message-Number: 13540
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
References: <>
Subject: Cryoville?
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 00:41:23 +0200

> How 'bout "Frozen in Time resort"  ??

> Since the resort part will be in western Sante Fe and pine log creating a
> western atmosphere.

Santa Fe? A style?

> David Pizer

To get more intersted I would as a businessman put Life Extension first as
most like, Cryonics only as comes after may be to thin to live together
without something more. Like finding a Cryonist-spouse, there better be
something more than Cryonics.
Most of us are into both, but if the village will be to small, that is an
option to avoid to much common folks running around.


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