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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 20:38:19 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13518 - #13532

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>Message #13519
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:25:51 -0700
>From: Kennita Watson <>
>Subject: Pizerville project
>Hi David --
>Do you have a Web wite for this project yet?

Mr friend, Forrest Munden, and I are starting an internet service provider,
E-store, web-site, and related items, business.  He has the beginning
expertise and energy, and I am funding it.  He is building a site for this
venture as we speak.  I hope he will jump in here and send more information
to this address.  Mike Perry is working with him and will probably be
sending information on this soon.


>> This will involve a good repore with the coroner's office
>> and perhaps some legal work. 

>I think the word you're looking for is "rapport" (I like the ones 
>that today's spell checkers have *no* hope of fixing, especially
>when even an intelligent person with a dictionary who didn't know how to 
>spell the word couldn't find it to look it up).

You are right. Thanks for the mention.  I apologize for my lack of spelling
skills. I realize it makes my posting harder to read and I try to look up
as many words as I know I have spelled wrong.  But surely a lot of mistakes
slip through.

>>Another 6 months after that and we should have stage 1 completed.  Do you
>> want to make a reservation now :=)

>>By the way, how much might land for houses and such go for in Pizerville?

I don't know at this early stage what we will charge for sale or lease.  It
will depend on what the devolopment costs are to get the land ready to
build on. 

There is land nearby, that has utilities and sewer that goes for $25,000 or
so, for an acre.

Within 5 miles there are available:  Medium size houses (say, 1500 sq ft)
on a large lot (say, 1 acre) turnkey ready in the $100,000 range.  The
smaller little homes on small lots start around $75,000.

Although there is a lot of interest in buying, I still think when it gets
right down to it, there will be a lot of people who will rent or lease
because the rates should be real low, and there is no big investment needed
like in buying and building.  But we plan to offer both and see what the
cryoncists prefer.

Also, we will need rentals because even for those people who want to buy
land and build, I think they should rent for several months first, to be
sure they like the community before they make a bigger investment.

>Message #13520
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 13:42:27 EDT
>Subject: wish list for Dave Pizer.

>> What are the things you want?  Be specific!
>> Now is the time to post a list of what you would like to see avaiable at
>> this facility while we are in the planning stages.  
>> Post your wish list.  

>I know about some tropical plants with interesting properties. Because the
>products they contain is not on the market, there is no other option that
>cultivate them... In a greenhouse  So this item would be usefull.

This is a nice idea.  Perhaps we should have a community green house and
garden area, with irrigation etc. where each resident could have a small
section of land to grow certain foods that they like????  I think you can
grow apples and fruit (probably not citrus), grapes, corn, potatoes, I'm
not sure what else.  The elevation is 4,000 feet.

One advantage to community garden, opposed to individual gardens, is that
each person could take turns working the whole garden for a day. So if
there are 20 participants in the community garden, each person would work
the whole garden only one out of 20 days and could come and go more often.
I don't know much about gardening, and part of the fun of a garden might be
working in it, so this idea may not be very good.

>Do you know about Rimu trees?  There are some of them in California, what
>about your location?

No, I have never heard of them.  What are they good for?

>>I am an amateur astronomer and telescope builder. Is there a possible place
>for such an instrument (what diameter is possible?) Is there a heavy ligth
>pollution in the area?

I have had several people suggest astronomy.  The night air is very clear.
I think it would be nice to have an astronomy building, even though it
might have to start out small.??

>Could be there a  technical workshop where big lasers could be built?

I know nothing about this. I would like to hear more.  Also, the uses for
these at the commnunity, etc.  If there is a demand for this, we probably
can have it.  We would have to find out about zoing rules etc.  If it was
for hobby, and not for a business, then the zoning would not be an issue.


>Message #13526
>From: "john grigg" <>
>Subject: Cryonics Community Ideas
>Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 19:04:21 PDT

>Ryan White wrote:
>What do you think about (computer) networking the entire community? If the 
>proper provisions were made during the planning phases of residential 
>construction, future implementation would be less complicated and more 
>cost-effective, especially considering the potential returns.

>Using this backbone, community members would not only have the perks of high 
>speed Internet connection, (which is becoming an increasingly important 
>consideration for prospective residents these days - for me, it was my 
>PRIMARY concern when choosing an apartment :-) ) but one might also be able 
>to use this as a basis for the implementation of a large-scale 
>bio-statistics monitoring network, or something of that nature. I'm not 
>really certain how people would react to this latter idea, but I imagine it 
>could be done.

>I am reposting this from the extropian list.  I thought Ryan had some good 
>ideas here.  David, what do you think?


>John Grigg

I think they are VERY GOOD ideas.  I am meeting with Ryan this Saturday to
discuss this further.  I hope he reports further after the meeting.


>Message #13530
>From: "Thomas Nord" <>
>References: <>
>Subject: #13494 - #13498 and #12888
>Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:39:26 +0200

>> Quiet winter nights
>> Wake up on a fresh winter morning with 2 inches of virgin white snow, with
>> lush desert plants peaking through. But not very cold, you can go outside
>> without a jacket.

>Seems perfect to get away from the Az summerheat.
>Some of us dislike snow and ice where I am, its perhaps nicer there.

What I was trying to project is that even when there is snow, and it is
rare - only a couple of times per year on average, it is not measured in
feet but rather in inches, in other words we usually only get occassional
very light snow falls.  And after is snows it warms up the next day or so,
even in January, and it gets so warm you can go outside without a jacket
(except at night or very early morning).

On the other hand, the summers are not as hot as in Phoenix.  Mayer is
4,000 feet, where Phoenix is 1,500 feet.

>As far as my Internet-scouting  has shown, its no risk of natural-disasters
>out there, but still those lethal animals to watch out for, as we have less
>of here.
>>> Now is the time to post a list of what you would like to see avaiable at
>> this facility while we are in the planning stages.

>>Environmently friendly heating and fresh tapwater.

In the winter you will use the heater sometimes, especially at night.  Many
will prefer to heat with a fireplace.  

During the summer in June, July and August, during day hours, you will
sometimes use a water cooler.  An inexpensive devise that cools the air.

We have to have our own community water well.  There is no city water to
the property.  There is a nice creek that flows year round so the water
level should be easy to reach.  

> Good isolated houses.  

There seems to be a big demand for this independence.  Most people who have
responded seem to prefer free-standing housing on separate lots.  This will
cost more than apartment type housing.  I think we will offer some of each
in the third stage (the first stage for cryonics housing) and then expand
on which ever type is sold or leased out first.  

>keeps the heat and cold out.

No problem.

>Can we buy our own piece of land and build our own houses, I like one made
>of stones as doesnt burn down so easy...

The majority of interested persons so far have expressed this desire.  Not
that they want a house that doesn't burn down easy (I assume they want a
safe house), but that they want their own land to build their own house on.

>Is a phoneconnectin costly as it is here out in the countryside?

Not very costly at all.

>Guess one can forget broadband-cable, only by a dish.

Probably so.

>Any shopping nearby?

The towns of Prescott and Prescott Valley  (total polulation approx 75,000)
are about 1/2 hour drive.  They have as big of stores as any major city.
And several hospitals, banks, whatever you need.

Phoenix is an hour drive.  It has everything, too.

There is a small store (Circle K) 2 miles away for milk, bread, lunch meat,
gas, and things like that. There are restaurants within a few miles.

>Seems like a good holiday resort anyway if one also can afford a place
>nearer the valley.

Only an hour drive north of Phoenix and you get much cleaner air, less
crime, better place to grow your own food.  Probably better water (we will
have to test it).

>And I guess those of us from abroad who may be tempted, can get a job there
>thats enough f r a greencard.

Actually the resort side of the project can help people get green cards if
they want to work there.  Also the cryonics community side may hire some
people (and there will be some volunteers who want to do things at their
own pace) and that can help get green cards also.  The resort will need
cooks, waiters, maids, desk clerks, gardeners, etc.  The cryonics side will
new computer experts, media persons, printers, and other similar type of

I have helped people get green cards in the past.  Back then the proceedure
was as follows:  The applicant gets the  papers and fills them out.  There
is a place for the employer to comment in.  The employeer has to state that
he can not fill the position with local workers (they are not available),
and then it opens the door for out of country workers with the needed
skills to get the green card and fill the position.  

>By the way, do you all have to use those kitchen rubbish-disposal-machines
>as seem to make a lot of trouble, and why, we dont have any here at all.

I think that will be the option of each home owner.  There will be trash
pick up.  If we have the community garden then we might store certain types
of left over organic materials for a compost pile to use in the garden.


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