X-Message-Number: 13545
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 10:16:31 EDT
Subject: Re: to G. Smith about uploading

Uploading is far simpler than "classical" cryonics with all its nanotech
quasi-religiosity. You don't need to have faith in clonning, it is here. 
with brain simulation capacity is financed by IBM, it will be here in few 
whatever you think, like or dislike. The only main item not on the list is a 
reader at molecular level. This may be done with narrow band X-ray in a 
non demolition interferometer. I have explanned that some years ago, the 
started a flame war or so. May be it would be useful to explain it anew, at 
to see if ideas have evolved.

Today "practical cryonics" is a dream. The only hope for frozen people with
today technology is not repair, it is on the uploading side. I would be 
 if you could find five body storred today in the same state and with the same
procedure. You can't create a reanimation technology for each, even if that 
technically possible.

Forget reanimation. If 21st Medicine works succeed, real cryonics will be a
possibility, may be in twenty years. Today, only uploading is a workable 
<< The Devil is in the details."
 The problem is that RIGHT NOW there is NO uploading or "waldo" option.
 However cryonics DOES exist.
 The rest is speculation until and unless it becomes real.
 So use the lifeboat which DOES exist.
 Don't get confused by talk of better lifeboats which DON'T exist.
 Your life may depend upon it.
 George Smith

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