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Subject: Everville
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 02:41:51 +0200

Dave Pizer/Thomas Nord

Do I recall it You lived in Ca?
I guess we can compare the new place with Prescott in climate etc snooping
on Internet?
Lethal animals as we dont have much of here, kills mostly elderly and
children, I like to get kids and I will get older. Any idea there or should
we check ourselves?

> Also, we will need rentals because even for those people who want to buy
> land and build, I think they should rent for several months first, to be
> sure they like the community before they make a bigger investment.

And watch it while we or others spend our money on building a new home;-)

> >> Quiet winter nights
> >> Wake up on a fresh winter morning with 2 inches of virgin white snow,
> >> lush desert plants peaking through. But not very cold, you can go
> >> without a jacket.
> >Seems perfect to get away from the Az summerheat.
> >Some of us dislike snow and ice where I am, its perhaps nicer there.
> What I was trying to project is that even when there is snow, and it is
> rare - only a couple of times per year on average, it is not measured in
> feet but rather in inches, in other words we usually only get occassional
> very light snow falls.  And after is snows it warms up the next day or so,
> even in January, and it gets so warm you can go outside without a jacket
> (except at night or very early morning).
> On the other hand, the summers are not as hot as in Phoenix.  Mayer is
> 4,000 feet, where Phoenix is 1,500 feet.

More like Tucson?
Thats hot around 100 and more.
I'll check Prescott, have avoided Flagstaff and Sedona due to harsh winters
in my charts.

Found it now with Microsoft Encarta, must be near Ocotillo.
Also see a lot of I.R's around Az, not there but on the border of Foutain
Hills and around Phx. Is an IR hands off for other than Indians?

> >As far as my Internet-scouting  has shown, its no risk of
> >out there, but still those lethal animals to watch out for, as we have
> >of here.
> >>> Now is the time to post a list of what you would like to see avaiable
> >> this facility while we are in the planning stages.
> >>Environmently friendly heating and fresh tapwater.
> In the winter you will use the heater sometimes, especially at night.
> will prefer to heat with a fireplace.
My Life-extension does not include fireplaces since the smoke causes cancer,
so its becoming more or less forbidden here to damage with smoke.
Not aware of that yet in US?
Solarpanels electricity and heatpumps is the best now, we must think of the
future in this life, otherwise who can be serious on Cryonics...
Better avoid fossilfuels if we think of the future in the long run as we

> During the summer in June, July and August, during day hours, you will
> sometimes use a water cooler.  An inexpensive devise that cools the air.
Like AC?

> We have to have our own community water well.  There is no city water to
> the property.  There is a nice creek that flows year round so the water
> level should be easy to reach.

> > Good isolated houses.
> There seems to be a big demand for this independence.  Most people who
> responded seem to prefer free-standing housing on separate lots.  This
> cost more than apartment type housing.  I think we will offer some of each
> in the third stage (the first stage for cryonics housing) and then expand
> on which ever type is sold or leased out first.
> >keeps the heat and cold out.
> No problem.

I meant insulated.. Costs a bit more but pays well in comfort and saves

> >Can we buy our own piece of land and build our own houses, I like one
> >of stones as doesnt burn down so easy...
> The majority of interested persons so far have expressed this desire.  Not
> that they want a house that doesn't burn down easy (I assume they want a
> safe house), but that they want their own land to build their own house

Normal new houses are safe at least here, building-stones safer,
timberloghouses I guess not.

> >Is a phoneconnectin costly as it is here out in the countryside?
> Not very costly at all.
> >Guess one can forget broadband-cable, only by a dish.
> Probably so.
> >Any shopping nearby?
> The towns of Prescott and Prescott Valley  (total polulation approx
> are about 1/2 hour drive.  They have as big of stores as any major city.
> And several hospitals, banks, whatever you need.

I avoid driving of several reasons, live as I learn, seldom use my 4 cars.
But when a place like that grows, a small store will come up I guess.

> Phoenix is an hour drive.  It has everything, too.
> There is a small store (Circle K) 2 miles away for milk, bread, lunch
> gas, and things like that. There are restaurants within a few miles.

Good, that seems to be perfect for a healthy walk, if its not to much
elevation up when one gets older;-)

> >Seems like a good holiday resort anyway if one also can afford a place
> >nearer the valley.
> Only an hour drive north of Phoenix and you get much cleaner air, less
> crime, better place to grow your own food.  Probably better water (we will
> have to test it).

Perhaps its better to check that up first, so its healthy and free of radon


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