X-Message-Number: 13551
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 03:08:33 EDT
Subject: Dave Pizer's Cryo-haven

Mr. Pizer,
While I applaud your idea of a cryonics community, (and the fact that you are 
actually DOING something about it-- investing your own money), it seems to me 
that a forty acre site is going to seem rather small in the not too distant 
future.  I live in a resort area of northern Michigan, and am quite familiar 
with cabins, condo's, resorts and other vacation rental facilities.  It seems 
to me that a project of the scope you are planning would require two or three 
hundred acres (at least to start).

Is there room for expansion when revenues start coming in?  I may have a 
different outlook than most, since I live on five acres (which seems modest 
to me-- a square only 468 feet on a side).

The ideas of gardens and greenhouses are excellent!  Perhaps a community 
bonfire pit/storytelling circle could also be included?

Maybe there are some architects and/or landscape designers who are 
cryonicists and would be willing to do some design work in exchange for space 
in the community?  Or sculptors, etc...  The more attractive you can make the 
resort, the more paying visitors (and permanent residents) you will have.  
Maybe I'm out in left field somewhere, but I'm thinking of Taliesin, (or 
something along those lines )which would be as compelling.

Just a few thoughts, hoping to be helpful.

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